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The Friendly Service Route

This Site Is A Collection of Memories By Railfans of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad. Much Of The Information And Photos You will See Has Come From Numerous Sources And Where Possible I Have Given Proper Credit. This Site Is Constantly Being Updated and Welcomes Your Comments And Contributions. Please Feel Free To Drop Me An Email And Let Me Know What You Think.

Web Page Links:

  • Personal Memories of the Erie Lackawanna Contibutions from EL fans and former employees of "The Friendly Service Route." Your contribution is welcome!
  • Great Notch Recollections A collection of photos of Todd Hollritt's memories growing up near the Greenwwod Lake Branch in Great Notch!
  • Erie Lackawanna Hall of Fame, a list of EL employees contributed by friends and family. Your contribution is welcome.
  • Erie Lackawanna Historical SocietyBecome a member of the Official society of the Erie Lackawanna and enjoy a unique friendship of Railfans.
  • George Elwood's Fallen Flag Site Another website examining many aspects of the Erie Lackawanna.(Courtesy of George Elwood)
  • Erie Lackawanna Railway Internet Resources Resource Page With Many Erie Lackawanna Railroad Links.
  • Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society is where you can help with the restoration and preservation of surviving Erie Lackawanna equipment.
  • Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Historical Society Become a member and discuss the premerger D,L & W, The Road of Anthracite.
  • Erie Lackawanna Related Links is the place to got to continue your trip into the many Erie/Lackawanna and EL pages on the net!
  • Lackawanna's Boonton Line The Lackawanna's North Jersey commuter line with lots of pics from Hoboken to Netcong!
  • Erie Railroad's Greenwood Lake Branch Some Facts and Photos on One of the Erie's Northern NJ Commuter Lines.
  • Erie Lackawanna, Seacaucus to Binghamton Info and Pics on Freight and Commuter Operations.
  • Anthracite Railroads Historical Society Inc. Get a little history lesson on the 6 anthracite region railroads.
  • Principal Connections of The Erie Lackawanna A quick reference table showing which railroads the Erie Lackawanna connected with and where!
  • Presidents Of The Erie Railroad A table of all the Erie Railroad Presidents and the Years they served.
  • Presidents Of The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RailroadA table of the Presidents of the D,L& W and the of the railroads that formed it.
  • Other Good Rail Links takes you to the rest of the rail world in exploring more railroads that helped to tie this country together.
  • Erie Railroad Internet Employee Archives Jim Spanholz fabulous effort to archive former Erie Railroad Employees.
  • Tribute to Employee Angelo Caselli John Caselli's Personal Tribute To His Father Angelo Caselli.
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