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The following is a list of employees were employed by the Erie Lackawanna Railroad or it's predecessor roads. If you would like to add a name to this list, please E-mail me with your name, employee's name, railrod served, years served, job title, division served and a photo if you would like one posted.

Employee Name Railroad Served Location & Division Job Title Years Served Photo Comments
Schlottman, William H Erie Avon Shops-Rochester Division Master Machinest 1914-1954 - Family Legacy of 8 Erie and Lackawanna RR employees submitted by Kevin Schafer.
Dreher,William Erie Rochester Division Carman ????? - Worked on electrified division and unfortunately was electrocuted when trying to clear debris from catenaries.
Schafer, Henry, Sr. Erie Rochester Division Section Foreman 1925-1962 - One of 8 in Schafer family to Work for the RR from the late 1800's to 1965
Schafer, J.B Erie Rochester Division Engineer 9/25/20-12/28/65 - Also worked as an engineer on the B.R. & P (B&O) during the depression.
Schafer,Henry Rochester Division Conductor ????? - -
Schafer, David L Erie Rochester Division Fireman 1954-1956 - -
Schafer, J.B. Jr. Erie Rochester & Susquehanna Division Engineer 5/45-11/63 - -
Robinson, C.P. Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Corning, NY Section Foreman ????? - Worked on the Lackawanna prior to going to work as a glassblower for Corning Glass
Nuttall, Frank Erie/EL Meadville-Salamanca Engineer 1933-1975 - My grandfather Frank Nuttall was an engineer for the Erie/EL from Meadville, PA to Salamanca, NY, 1933-1975.Submitted by Lisa Arrowsmith
Stratton, David Erie/Erie Lackawanna Weehawken, NJ, Hoboken, NJ, Croxton Yard, NJ Checker Marine Dept. Eastbound Clerk (Croxton) 1937-1974 - Worked at Dock D of the Erie in Weehawken, Pier 9 in Hoboken and then retired out of Croxton Yard, NJ in July 1974.
Burley, Charles Erie Youngstowm, OH Brakeman, Yardmaster 1950-1974 - Worked Brier Hill Yard. Worked Erie Lackawanna then Conrail until 1984. Passed away in April, 2006 (Submitted by Chuck Burley, Son).
Thomas, Wally Erie Youngstowm, OH Flagman, Brakeman 1950-1972 - Worked Brier Hill Yard. Died tragic death in the summer of '72' as the result of a coupling accident being pinned between 2 RR cars. Survived for 1 week in the hospital before succumbing. (Submitted by Chuck Burley)
Timko, Tim Jr. Erie Youngstowm, OH/Mahoining Division Operator, Operator-Clerk, Train Dispatcher, Asst Chief Dispatcher Hired 06-01-65, seniority date, 06-19-65. - Continued on in various positions in the Transportation Dept of Conrail, Norfolk Southern and as Vice President and General Manager of Western New York and Pennsylvania RR -former EL line Hornell to Meadville to Oil City (Submitted by Stephen Timko.)
McBride, Joe Erie Meadville, PA General Yardmaster EL, 1960's & 70's. - Worked for the Erie Lackawanna as General Yardmaster in Meadville,Pa in the 60"s and 70"s.(Submitted by Joe McBride)
Mango,John Erie Lackawaxen, PA Susquehanna, PA Binghamton, NY Hornell, NY Telegraph Op. @ BQ, BD, SR Towers 1946-1968 - Worked in various telegraphy jobs, including BQ tower in Lackawaxen, SR tower in Susquehanna. Susquehanna telegraph, BD tower in Binghamton. Operator ticket clerk in Binghamton, I ended up as an extra dispatcher in Hornell. (Submitted by John Mango)
Village, Richard S.SR. Erie Cleveland, Ohio Telegraph Operator 42 Years - Telegraph Operator, West End Tower-Cleveland, Ohio. (Submitted by Richard S. Village)
Lee, Bob Erie Chicago Yardmaster-51st Yard 1952-1995 Erie and Erie-Lackawanna then Conrail (Submitted by Bob Lee)
Maynard, Frank Erie Rochester, NY Engineer 42 Years FRANK MAYNARD served on the Erie R.R. for 30 years as an engineer from approx. 1858 to 1888 on the Rochester N.Y. division. He was killed in a head on collision between 2 trains near Avoca New York on January 18 ,1888. (Submitted by Richard Maynard)
Campbell, Dorris Erie Hammond, IN Engineer 1952-1994 - Erie, Erie-Lackawanna retiree with 42 years service as an engineer(Submitted by Dorris Campbell)
Forwalk, William (Bill) Erie NY Division Marine Department Captain 1924-1971 -- Spent many years as the Captain of the hoist #114 and retired as the Captain of the largest hoist in the Marine Department the # 5 (Submitted by James Forwalk (Son)
Forwalk, James Erie Croxton, NJ Engineer 1968 to 1972 -- I spent my college years working my vacations and holidays on the Erie Lackawanna (1968 to 1972) at Croxton Yard as an IBM Clerk in the Penhorn Office (in the center of the freight yard). (I began as a yard clerk --- but with typing skills I held the 11 PM to 7 AM IBM Clerk position -- doing basically punch card for the Piggyback trains the hot shots from CX to Chicago
Crew, Benjamin F Erie Revenna, Ohio Trackman & Foreman 1923-1972 - Erie, Erie-Lackawanna retiree 40 years service. Retired 9/30/72 (Submitted by Mike McCoy-Grandson)
Mylott, John J (Jack) Erie Ohio Engineer-Youngstown-Cleveland Passenger run ? - Erie RR-Died in 1973. He had a stroke a year or two before and then retired. He was a great man. (Submitted by Pat Mylott-Grandaughter)
Mylott, John J (Jack) Erie Mahoning Engineer, Brakeman, Fireman-Brier Hill 20 Years - Erie RR-Passed on In 2004. (Submitted by Pat Mylott-Daughter)
Zychlewicz, Chester (Moose) Erie Chicago, IL Carman, 51st. Yard 1950-1978 (To Conrail) - Passed on February 1978 (Submitted by Son Bill Zychlewicz)
Zychlewicz, Stanley (Buck) Erie Chicago, IL Locomotive Mechanic-51st Street Yard 1950-1986 (Retired From Conrail) - Passed On in 1995. (Submitted by Nephew Bill Zychlewicz)
Lyons, Timothy B Erie NYC, Cleveland, OH. Chief Clerk 1915-1943 - (Submitted by Timothy B Lyons, Grandson)
Lyons, Henry B Erie NYC, Cleveland, Binghamton,Hammond, Marion. Claim Agent 1930-1975 - (Submitted by Timothy B Lyons, son)
Gavornik, Elizabeth Erie NYC, Cleveland, OH. IBM Operator 1928-1940 - (Submitted by Timothy B Lyons,son)
Lyons, Timothy B Erie Marion, OH. Head Brakeman 1967-1968 - (Submitted by Timothy B Lyons)
Stratton, Fred Erie Port Jervis, NY Engineer, Roundhouse Electrician 30 Years - sailor372@hvc.rr.com
Pusbach, William H Erie Salamanca, Jamestown & Meadville, PA Engineer 1909-1942 - Served 33 years until he was tragically killed in a train collision on July 28, 1942 in Jamestown, NY. (Submitted by Richard Pusbach, Grandson)
Foster, John (Fritz) Erie Chicago, IL Chief Clerk to the Division Car Foreman 1922-1955 - Still Chief Clerk to the Division Car Foreman when he passed away suddenly at age 48 in 1955. (Submitted by John F. Foster, Son)
Foster, John R Erie Huntington, IN Wrecking car & crew shops ????-1939 - He worked in Huntington IN his entire career on the car wrecking crew and car shops. He passed away in 1943.(Submitted by John F. Foster, Grandson)
Duffy, John F Erie Hornell, NY-Cleveland, OH Manager of Purchasing & Stores 1916-1960 - He started as an office boy and then retire as Manager of Purchasing and Stores. I do not know if he was attached to any of the divisions or not. When I first meet him he had a big job in Hornell, NY. He then moved to Cleveland, Ohio. It was from this last position that he retired..(Submitted by George McElligott, Son-in-law)
Shank, Guy Richard Erie Marion, Ohio Engineer 1930's-1960's Erie & Erie Lackawanna - He worked out of the Marion, Ohio division and lived there, with his family, for most of his life. I do remember him making runs to Kent, Ohio. (Submitted by Robert & Jana Lesher)
Shank, Richard Erie Pennsylvania Brakeman ??? - Richard Shank, also worked for both railroads and was on a rairoad pension when he died, in Pennsylvania, around 2003. I believe he was a brakeman. (Submitted by Robert & Jana Lesher)
D'Esposito, Dominick Erie Jersey City-NY Division Engineer ?-3/16/22 - My husband's great uncle was an engineer on the Erie RR in the early 20thc. He was killed in an accident while on the job on March 16 1922. (Submitted by Lynne Forlenza)
Covell, Steven l Hornell, NY Machinist App. / Machinist 1968 1976 - Retired Amtrak 2009 (Submitted by Steven L. Covell)
Merryman, DanielF Huntington, IN Engineer ? - (Submitted Bruce Merryman, Son)
Underhill, Garth Huntington, IN Engineer - (Submitted by Bruce Merryman, Grandson)
Underhill, Darrell Huntington, IN Engineer ??? - (Submitted by Bruce Merryman)
Underhill John Huntington, IN Engineer ? - (Submitted by Bruce Merryman)
Spively, Bernard "Spike" Huntington, IN Engineer ? - (Submitted by Bruce Merryman)
Sanok, Thomas j Erie/Erie Lackawanna Hornell, NY-Cleveland, OH Public Relations 1928-1968 My father in law worked on the Erie railroad from 1928-1960 when it merged. He worked 8 more years in Public Relations for the EL and then took a medical retirement after suffering 4 heat attacks. It was a high pressure job. He passed away in 2002 and preceded his wife by 4 years. He was a wonderful father figure to me and his two daughters.(Submitted by Joe Pedersen, Son-in-Law)
Bucciero, Aniello Erie Paterson, NJ
NY Division
Trackman 1910-1940's (Submitted by Dennis Oricchio, Grandson)
Burns, Lawrence T Susquehanna, PA/Binghamton, NY
Delaware Division
Relief Caller, Relief Yardmaster, Damage Clerk 1934-1971 He retired on September 8, 1971 "after 47 years of faithful and conscientious service" according to a Certificate of Service received by him. The Certificate was signed by G.W. Maxell, President. -(Submitted by Katherine Burns Buckley, daughter)

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