Of The
and Its Antecedents



John J Phelps*

January, 1850 to May,1851

John J Phelps#

May, 1852 to February, 1853

George G Phelps#

February, 1853 to April, 1853

George W Scranton##

December, 1850 to April, 1853

George D Phelps^

April, 1853 to September, 1856

Drake Mills^

February, 1857 to January, 1858

Christopher R Robert^

January, 1858 to July,1863

John Brisbin^

July,1863 to August,1867

Samuel Sloan^

August,1867 to March, 1899

William H Truesdale^

March, 1899 to July, 1925

John M Davis^

July, 1925 to January, 1941

William White^

January, 1941 to July, 1951

Perry M. Shoemaker^

August 1, 1952 to October, 1960

NOTE: Harry W. Von Willer Was Elected President
Of The Erie Lackawanna Railroad Upon It's Inception October, 1960
NOTE:Ligget's Gap Railroad Company-name changed to The Lackawanna and Western Railroad, April, 1851
The Delaware and Cobb's Gap Railroad Company merged into The Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company March, 1853;
became The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co.
* Liggett's Gap Railroad Co.
# The Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company
##The Delaware & Cobb's Gap Railroad Co.
^ The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Co.

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