Of The



Eleazer Lord

September,1833 to October,1835

James G. King

October,1835 to October,1839

Eleazer Lord

October,1839 to May,1841

James Bowen

May,1841 to December,1842

William Maxwell

December,1842 to October,1843

Horatio Allen

October,1843 to October,1844

Eleazer Lord

October,1844 to July,1845

James Hooper

July,1845 to August,1845

Benjamin Loder

August,1845 to October,1853

Homer Ramsdell

October,1853 to October,1857

Charles Moran

October,1857 to August,1859

Samuel Marsh

October,1869 to April,1861

Nathaniel Marsh

April,1861 to July,1864

Samuel Marsh

July 1864 to October,1864

Robert H. Berdell

October,1864 to October,1867

John S. Eldridge

Ocotber,1867 to July,1868

Jay Gould

July,1868 to March,1872

John A. Dix

March,1872 to July,1872

Peter H. Watson

July,1872 to July,1874

Hugh J. Jewett

July,1874 to October,1884

John King

October,1884 to November,1894

Eben B. Thomas

November,1894 to May,1901

Frederick D. Underwood

May,1901 to January,1927

John J. Bernet

January,1927 to May, 1929

Charles E. Denny

May,1929 to October,1939

Robert E. Woodruff

October,1941 to October,1949

Paul W. Johnston

October,1949 to October,1956

Harry W. Von Willer

October,1956 to October,1960

NOTE: Harry W. Von Willer Was Elected President
Of The Erie Lackawanna Railroad Upon It's Inception October, 1960

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