The End Of The Greenwood Lake Branch

Looking north from the present Mt. View Station, the Boonton Line swings to the left, and to the right is the remains of the Erie's Greenwood lake Branch. As we walk a few hundred feet to the north and look back, we see how the tracksplits in two directions. As we continue north and look to the right, we see the spur from the old Boonton Line curving away to the east from our location. Then looking back as we proceed further north, the switch arrangement for this connection is apparent. As we travel further north here, we cross the Meadow Road Bridgewhich leads to the community of Hoffman Grove. Interestingly, on top of this bridge is a geodetic survey mark giving us the exact latitude and longitude of our location. Just a couple hundred feet further and to the right laying in the brush, is an old Erie cast concrete milepost telling us we're 22 miles from Jersey City. Then about 200 feet further north is where we couldn't go anymore and had to turn back. The end of the Greenwood Lake Branch is here, just past milepost 22 in Wayne, NJ. Although the section of this track behind us is used by Conrail as a switching lead for the Totowa Industrial Spur, it is obvious that these tracks have not had a train on them in many years. Overgrown with heavy brush the warped rails and rotting ties give no signs of the glory this line once had.